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A Makeup Tool That Makes Eyeliner Application Easy

What do people remember when they look at you? One of the most memorable features of all is your eyes. No one can forget the impact that beautiful eyes make. To ensure the beauty of your eyes is evident to the beholder, make use of the Eyeliner Guide by CarmenAnita. With this clever tool, you experience quick and easy eyeliner application.

Our founder invented and patented this innovative makeup tool to help you bring out the true beauty of your eyes. The idea is to provide you with a beauty gadget that simplifies your makeup application. Just use our Eyeliner Guide when applying eyeliner to get dazzling results.

Applying Eyeliner is Tricky Business

Many people who regularly wear makeup skip the eyeliner altogether. We believe that leaves a face with an unfinished look and a lack of definition. Let us help you with that.

The reason people don’t use eyeliner is simple: it’s difficult! It’s easy to make a mistake if your hand wavers. Once that happens, you have to start all over. Removing the eyeliner and reapplying your foundation is a time-consuming process when you’re on a deadline.

However, we believe eyeliner is essential for beauty. That’s why we invented the Eyeliner Guide. You don’t have to worry about mistakes. Just using our tool gives you the eyeliner assistance you need for perfect application.

How Our Eyeliner Guide Works

The Eyeliner Guide is slim, light, and ergonomically shaped, so it’s easy to use. The contoured head swivels so it fits comfortably underneath your eye. Just hold it in place while you apply eyeliner in the color of your choice and voila! Perfect liner, every time.

Our Eyeliner Guide is effective and inexpensive at only $19.99. It’s available in three fashionable colors – gold, purple, and translucent – to work well with the colors of your cosmetics and facial products.

We even give first-time buyers a discount of 10 percent and offer free shipping to our customers in the continental United States. Order online to get your Eyeliner Guide and ensure your eyes are unforgettable.

Contact us today to order our Eyeliner Guide in the color of your choice. We proudly serve beauty customers across the country.