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Eyeliner Guide for Easy Makeup Application

We have all had those moments when we want to try that new eye makeup technique we watched online, and more often than not it is when we are running late. Or we fail every time at making even lines with our eyeliner. It can be frustrating, to say the least, but fret not beauty queens; we have a solution!

Special tool for seamless eyeliner application. Simple-to-use eyeliner guide. Eyeliner Tool The Eyeliner Guide

Let us introduce the Eyeliner Guide by CarmenAnita. Our patented, ergonomically shaped professional guide features an easy-comfort grip handle making precise control possible. The contoured head swivels to fit most eye shapes, helping to guide your eyeliner without smudging your foundation or makeup.

This magnificent little tool is easy to clean, and compact so that you can take it anywhere. Pop it in your makeup bag for touchups at work, or on date night. How amazing it is to be able to apply your eyeliner perfectly every time, without ever touching the delicate area of your eyes, at home or on the go!

Make Your Eyes POP

Our eyeliner application tool is useful for everyone looking to achieve the trendy looks of today. Whether you suffer from shaky hands or have difficulty seeing, you will have no problem using this nifty little device. All you need to do is choose your eyeliner or eyeshadow; then, place the contoured head against the lid you wish to beautify and add the color. It is that simple!

Whether you want a simple look with minimal eyeshadow or eyeliner on your lids, or you want to go more dramatic with a smokey eye, this simple little tool will be the most valuable tool in your makeup bag.

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You will never need -- or want -- another eyeliner guide, and we’re sure you’ll want all of your friends and family to know the pleasures of this easy makeup application. This is a must have for any girl who loves enhancing the beauty and expressiveness of their eyes. We love what we can do with our Eyeliner Guide, and know you will love it too! Choose from gold, purple, or translucent (clear) for only $19.99. We are pleased to offer free shipping within the continental US.

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