Our Mission:
To enhance beauty inside and out.

CarmenAnita was established in 2015 as a unique online store, where one could purchase products to enhance one's beauty inside and out or just an everyday feel good. Having spent countless times applying mascara and not getting it correct, having to start over along with watering eyes. We knew there was an easier way to apply mascara and save time all at once, thus the "Eyeliner Guide" was created.

The Eye Guide began as a mere thought in Columbia, SC while enjoying lunch with a friend one day. The thought became a reality and now the "Eye Liner Guide" works wonderfully and will save you time. It is a multi- purpose tool that assist with applying eye liner without touching your face. It also helps to fill in brows, applying eye shadow, creams, serums as well as utilizing eyedrops. The clean up is as easy as 1, 2, 3.